Initial Point High School
1080 North Ten Mile Road, Kuna, ID 83634
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School Supply List

Students are asked to provide the following for the 2017-18 School Year.
These items will need to be carried with them daily.

- 2.5 in. 3.0 in. Ring Binder
- Notebooks and/or loose leaf paper to put in binder
- Dividers for the binder if loose leaf paper is used
- Pencils/Pens
- Pencil pouch to hold pencils/pens

Our Purpose

Initial Point

Initial Point addresses the educational needs of students who have had difficulty in a traditional educational setting, who have been at-risk of dropping out or who have dropped out of high school and need to re-establish a successful educational program in an alternative setting. Initial Point's educational environment provides a small, caring, individualized and nontraditional approach to assist students in meeting their educational and post-secondary goals. To assist with their commitment, Initial Point has established a teaching staff with small caseloads that set high expectations for all students and hold them accountable to meet their goals of not only graduation, but of also going on to pursue post-secondary education, the military or even transition to the workforce.